Wordless Wednesday: Family Night at Chuck E Cheese’s

My youngest daughter just had her 4th birthday and wanted to spend some time playing at Chuck E Cheese’s for part of her birthday gift. So we made a family night out of it and had lots of fun. Don’t ask in how short of time we went through 100 tokens.

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  1. My kids love this place for their birthdays and I thinks their dad loves it just as much at least the big games :)

  2. Looks like they had a blast ! My girls love Chuck E Cheese ,the pizza is great the games are fun but the are scared to death of Chuckie. :(

  3. Madelyn Caraballo says:

    I celebrated both my daughter’s 6th birthday and my son’s 3rd birthday this past September and I saved $$ by registering with their eclub….you register your child(ren) and their birth dates and you can get exclusive coupons for members and your kids get 20 tokens to use on their birthday. I made copies of the coupons (you can use as many coupons as you wish) and I used those coupons to order food for the guests (parents) and last minute guests. Those coupons always come with free tokens so each kid in the party were able to receive more tokens that what the basic package offered. On top of that I scheduled my kids birthday party on a Sunday, when you schedule a party on Sundays., the birthday child receives an extra 100 tokens…Talk about the kids having a blast and taking home lots of prizes…being a mom of three and on a budget, I was happy when my daughter told me it was one of the best birthdays ever and I didn’t have to break the bank to do to throw it…

    • Coupon Cutting Mom says:

      Wow, sounds like fun and like you used your money very wisely to get the most tokens. Thanks for taking time to comment. Hope to hear from you again!

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