Cranberry Applesauce Jello Recipe

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cranberry applesauce jello recipe

My daughter has a Thanksgiving Feast at school this week and I was asked to bring Cranberry Applesauce Jello. This is a recipe I remember my mom making since I was a little kid and it is always on the menu at Thanksgiving. This recipe is kid friendly and is super easy to mix up.

Cranberry Applesauce Jello

1 1/3 cup (2 6 oz boxes) strawberry Jello
4 cups boiling water
2 cans jellied cranberry sauce
4 cups applesauce

Dissolve jello in boiling water. Mix cranberry sauce and applesauce until smooth. I blend mine in the blender until smooth. Add to jello and refrigerate. Makes 11 cups. 


  1. says

    So I made this this year again, and I guess I messed it up. I think I did only 2 cups boiling water. Would that make a difference? It is really loose and liquidy. I thought it was suppose to be more firm.

    • says

      Yes, it is to be fairly firm. I use this recipe with 2 – 3oz boxes of Jell-O and 4 cups of boiling water and it sets up nicely. Was your applesauce real runny? I’m just trying to figure out what the problem could have been.

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